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Long-term goal of the project:

Reducing the impact of the negative social consequences of economic the Ukrainian defense sector reforms for dismissed servicemen and their families and facilitating the development of cooperation between the two countries.

Project Summary:

Selection of regions and cities of Ukraine for organization of project events;

Choice of the educational institution for professional retraining of servicemen and their families, of directions and specialties for retraining;

Choice of NGOs and actors responsible for organizing and conducting a project on the ground;

Picking training groups according to the criteria established by the Norwegian project partner - University of Nordland;

Organization of retraining course in selected specialties in the amount of 500 academic hours;

Organization of measures for psychological rehabilitation of project participants;

Organization of measures to facilitate the employment trainees and the creation of small (family) businesses;

Organization of graduation events for students of educational institutions of Ukraine, issuance of state certificates and diplomas;

Organization of continuous monitoring of the quality of project implementation and sociological research among servicemen and their families in order to improve the techniques of their social adaptation;

Implementation of measures for legal adaptation of project participants;

Publicity work among project participants, military units, military commissariats and local administrations of cities in order to promote the project and involve the general public in achieving this goal.

Project objectives:

Increasing the professional competitiveness of servicemen and their families on the labor market of Ukraine by organizing their professional retraining in areas and specialties that are in demand on the labor market;

Increasing the motivation of the target group participants for active social adaptation into civil market society by organizing measures for the psychological rehabilitation of project participants;

Improving the welfare of military families through their employment in jobs that best meet the expectations of military personnel and their families by providing assistance in the employment of vocational retraining students;

Development of entrepreneurship among servicemen by organizing events that will facilitate the opening of their own business;

Development of cooperation between educational institutions of Ukraine and Norway through their active involvement in the project and joint activities in the programmes of student education and organization of research.